Dr. Timothy Jones has been extremely helpful in our communicating the strengths of our company to our potential clients.  As both a former Board member and life-long condominium resident and a resident at multiple buildings we manage, his unique experiences and marketing skills have made him an invaluable asset to our company.

Worth Ross, President and CEO
Worth Ross Management Company

HOA and Management Company Consulting

Utilizing more than 20 years of condominium living, board membership and Home Owner Association (HOA) leadership experience, Timothy B. Jones, EdD offers a unique perspective that aids and assists both residential HOA’s and/or their management company address a variety of opportunities and challenges.


  • Management Company Selection Process
  • Accountability/Evaluation
  • Long-Term Reserve Planning
  • Business Development     
  • Operation Efficiency
  • Exemplary Customer Service Development
  • Bid and RFP Response

Let Timothy B. Jones, EdD help you through the dynamic and often complex process of proposing and bidding management services whether you are the HOA or the management company.  Either way, we can help.  Ask us about our guarantee!